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Who we are

Pronto Medico is a collaboration of a group of 38 doctors, generalists and specialists in the area of Milan and its province.

ProntoMedicoTeam has as its main goal the repositioning of medical services thanks to a
relationship of trust that puts man as main focus of the care process.

The multidisciplinary team in close collaboration with the most professional doctors and health&care structure allows us to be efficient collectors of “care”.

The mission of the company is to offer to people high quality and specialized Health as well as Social Assistance services.

24 hours on-call home medical visits, general practitioners and specialists (Pediatric,Neurological, Neuropsychiatric, Orthopaedics, ENT, etc)
Medical, nursing assistance and physiotherapy at home or in social-care facilities.
Assistance to sick or disabled person at home and in hospital.
Psychiatric and psychological counseling
Domiciliary hospitalization
Home Laboratory Tests

It is now clear that the process of care to elderly and disabled persons can not pass through the hospital, which is often inadequate and inappropriate.

The same access to the Emergency Department is often the case for the inadequate response of home health care.

Our service intends to provide a prompt response to the needs, avoiding unnecessary and inappropriate hospitalizations.

For visits by way of emergency, our doctors will be at you place in 1 HOUR, 24 hours,365 days a year.

CALL: (0039) 800 046 337

The call for medical intervention request must be precise and must provide all the necessary information to the doctor to be able to reach the patient’s home in the shortest time possible.


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