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Multidiscipinary Team

  • Doctors
    Diagnosis and treatment at home or in Socio-Sanitary professional structures.
    Particular attention to disability, both physical and mental.

    General Practitioners
    Medical Specialists
    Child neuropsychiatrist

    Within his own competence, the doctor:
    • assesses and identifies the need for patient safety, if necessary also working in multidisciplinary teams;
    • practice independently, with responsibility and ownership, therapeutic activity.
    Senior citizens
    Treatments and home care professionals

    He Develops and implements interventions directed at prevention, functional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders or dysfunctions in the areas of motor skills, the higher cortical functions and visceral.

    A pedagogical expert, consultant in charge of the training, the dynamics that emerge in the setting and responses that a person gives in a certain context, or as supervision of the work of other operators.

  • Speech Therapist
    Treatment and prevention of disorders of the voice, the written and oral language and communication, including the use of sign language as the bilingualism in children, adults and the elderly of neurological disorders (aphasia, apraxia, agnosia, developmental delays language, phonological disorders, learning disabilities, dyslexia, mental retardation, attention disorders, specific language impairment), neurobehavioral disorders (due to head trauma, brain disorders, autism, dementia).Treatment and prevention of cognitive disorders associated with communication, for example dealing with memory and learning;

    care of the voice, otolaryngology and phoniatrics (dysphonia, dysarthria, dislalia, disodie, language difficulties related to deafness, stuttering);

    treatment of oral functions (dysphagia, atypical swallowing)

  • Nurses
    Dressings and care at home for day and/or night care for the elderly, the sick and people with reduced mobility with telephone availability h24/24, 365 days a year with the highest quality standards.
  • Caregiver
    Even if the correct definition is “family assistant”, since it is the most used in everyday language, the carers are to be considered now professionals irreplaceable in the family with the presence of disabled or dependent persons or bedridden, or wherever you have a simple domestic help.The help of these people is valuable and relieves us of many difficulties
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